Italian Food Trendy Today Due To Proven Great Taste Results

While Italian food is synonymous with pasta and pizza, there are many Italian dishes trending today.  In fact, Italian cuisine has been voted as the most popular food in the word, according to the famed Oxford University Press guide to world foods.  The popular “Cooking World” food publication also dubbed Italian food “the most popular cuisine in the world” because of its tasty ingredients that seem to appeal to people young and old in all walks of life.

In addition, a survey by CNN ranted Italian cuisine as the best cuisine in the world for 2013.

Another aspect of Italian food is linked to its simplicity.  Still, there are many popular dishes — such as Lasagna — that have upwards of eight to 10 ingredients.  Also, the view from chefs is the best Italian food dishes contain only quality natural meats, fish and veggies.  The foundation for most Italian cuisine revolves around the use of tomatoes and various types of pasta made from fresh grain.

Top Italian food dishes

In addition to fresh tomato and tomato sauce, the use of cheese and wine is all important to a classic Italian meal.  At the same time, visitors to Italy note that traditional Italian cuisine always seems to include variety of pasta noodles — in all shapes and various widths and lengths — and dishes such as polenta and risotto.

A good Italian meal also features ingredients that include:

- Olives and olive oil
- Garlic
- Artichokes
- Ricotta cheese
- Eggplant
- Zucchini
- Anchovies, sardines and tuna
- Capers and pepperoncini hot peppers

In general, the top pasta and pizza dishes feature the main ingredients that are usually included in true Italian cooking. Just ask the folks over at italian restaurant irving tx.

Italian food is healthy food

The word “pasta” is now synonymous the world over with an easy to make dish that is both healthy and popular.  In fact, the traditional Italian meal structure is credited with being very healthy.  Also, traditional Italian meals usually feature three or four courses, including a salad or soup, a meat and a pasta dish.

Overall, there is nobody that doesn’t like pizza, pasta and other Italian food dishes because it is mmm good.

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